Eugenia Romanelli


Irreverent, eccentric, informal and inspired by the maître à penser Anaïs Nin. Authors of erotic novels and more, she believes the body is the self, and that art at its pinnacle is the art of living. Her novels have been published by the most important publishers in Italy, including DeA, Giunti and Rizzoli. Her research is mainly focused on the suspense and noir genres, even when writing erotica. In January 2019 she founds and directs "Writers Factory", the first European school of scriptures, dedicated to the great Ursula Le Guin.  As a journalist she directed the Italian edition of Time Out magazine, founded and served as director for the magazine, jointly published by Rai Eri and La Stampa. She also founded and served as director for “SmarTime”, the first culture insert of Il Fatto Quotidiano created the Ansa Travel channel, currently writes for Vanity Fair, blogs for l’Espresso and Il Fatto Quotidiano and is an author for Treccani. She has written many essays, and amongst these her research on data protection, cyber security and privacy stands out, research which has several accounts to settle with modernity.

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