Fabio Bagnoli


“I have felt something unusual inside of me since I was a child, which led me to listen and then to take control of sound. It is hard to explain. After this the tragic health issues that my brother suffered forced me further inside myself, and my only way to communicate became music. I started from medieval wind instruments, and immediately focused on the oboe”. He graduated from the Conservatory of Bologna in 1989 and honed his art with the major oboists of the time before completing his training with conductor Pietro Borgonovo and composer Romano Pezzati. He was the first permanent oboist in the most important orchestras in Italy, such as the Orchestra Regionale di Roma e del Lazio e Orchestra Verdi di Milano, and performed with world renowned musicians such as Peter Lukas Graf, Heinz Holliger and Krzystof Penderecki. His art is also expressed through experimentation and comparison with contemporary compositions such as the Etudes Transcendantales by the Englishman Brian Ferneyhough. An encounter between ancient and modern instruments, reinterpreted because between the lines of music “there is always something mysterious and unintelligible that must be brought to light”. 

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