Francesca D'onofrio

Psychotherapist and author

She was born in front of the sea and eventually moved to Rome to pursue her studies, graduating in Psychology and specializing as a family psychotherapist under the guidance of Grazia Cancrini and Marisa Malagoli Togliatti and as a family mediator with Gaetano De Leo and Rita Grazia Ardone. She works in social services for twenty years, first as a therapist, then a trainer, a planner, a consultant and a mediator. A few years ago she stumbles across a rather particular job: sextoy sales consultant for women. It is an engaging and original profession that she decides to describe in a book that is both serious and playful, “In viaggio con la valigia rossa / Traveling with a red suitcase” (Editrice Zona). These new experiences open the door to her true vocation: female sexuality radiates creating new activities for her to pursue. Orgasmica, Afrodita, What is love, The pleasure is all mine, are the titles of some of the formats - show conferences with the active involvement of the audience - that she tours around Italy in clubs, squares, private studios and companies. The performative activities are flanked by study and reflection. An original approach is born - out of the stereotypes of psychotherapy and sexology - at the service of those who want to bring their sexual life closer to their innermost desires. An approach that combines the deep research of erotic representations with the construction of a new sexual personality - a methodology inspired inter alia by the work of Betty Dodson and Pamela Madsen, aware of recent Sociological research on sexual scripts. Co-author of the documentary Se Parlo di Sesso, co-organizer of the Festival Pornotismo, she writes about sexuality on the blog In forma d’arte. By now she is well-known in Italy, and her work has been featured on La Stampa, Unity, Vanity Fair, Il Tempo, the Secolo XIX, l’Espresso, as well as being a guest of major radio broadcasts (Radio Deejay, La Zanzara, Radio Rock) and protagonist of the transmission A cena da me on La7 channel.

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