Howtan Re


He was born in Iran on July 4th - Independence Day in the United States - and now lives between London and Rome. Eclectic designer and photographer, Howtan has worked extensively in Miami, New York and London. When he first arrived in Italy Achille Bonito Oliva immediately fell in love with his work: “[...] from Body Art to Viennese Actionism, cartoons to pornography, fashion to erotic film, from sadomasochism to voyeurism, with joyful kleptomania Howton borrows languages from a family of artists who are not related to each other: Artaud, Kubric, Serrano, Golden, Araki, Abramović, La Chapelle, Kern.” His works are part of the permanent collection of the Bass Museum in Miami and the Lumbreras collection. The latter will be opened to the public in 2020 as the Museum of Contemporary Art of the 21st Century in Arévalo designed by Tatiana Bilbao. Howtan’s work has traveled the world for exhibitions in Russia, Australia, Europe and the United States. In 2015 he created Patch for Future for EXPO Milan on the theme of sustainability, a subject he feels strongly about. In 2018 he opened Howtan Space in Rome, a cross-functional venue spanning between art, photography, music and fashion, giving the city the kind of internationally minded space it deserves. “I believe in collaboration between different forms of creativity. Howtan Space is a salon d’artiste that aims to promote original artistic collaborations in all their facets.”

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