Grandeur, marvel, persuasion. We will bring an elegant and exciting chamber music performance to your home, with the aim of creating harmony between the audience and performer. The Concerto for oboe and violoncello will recreate the conditions of an era during which music was performed in private settings and for a select and restricted audience. On the comfort of your sofa in your Grand House you will be transported through the scores of the greatest Italian and European composers. Through Vivaldi, but also Handel and Albinoni, you will relive baroque Rome, with its courts, cardinals and typical architecture, a place of meetings and the stage for many relationships between musicians, writers and intellectuals. Your home, as if in the 17th century, will become the intimate setting in which the first concerts of chamber music first began to emerge.

Additional information

  • The tour will last 1 hour
  • The price quoted above includes admission fees for tours operated in ticketed venues

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