Accademia costume e moda e moria del teatro apollo 

Complesso monumentale di San Salvatore in Lauro

Via della Maschera d’Oro

Casa di Fiammetta

Santa Maria della Pace

Palazzo Taverna

The laurel wreath of Apollo, which gave its name to the most famous theater in Rome, today crowns the fabrics and designs of one of the most renowned fashion school in the world.

The same laurel that gives its name to the great complex created by the Piceni, where the Church of Ottaviano Mascherino still shows the statue of the Black Madonna near the works of Umberto Mastroianni. The myth of Rome represented by a graffiti on the walls of Via della Maschera d'Oro leads us to the temple dedicated to rhythm, where Rafaello, Peruzzi and Pietro da Cortona praise the triumph of Della Rovere family. From the theater-square of Pietro da Cortona we will disappear and admire the “vicoli” until we cross the threshold of Bluebeard's castle.

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