Stucco Gallery and sundial, Palazzo Spada

Chapel of the Monte di Pietà

San Girolamo della Carità

Crypt of Santa Maria dell'Orazione and Death

Altana of Palazzo Falconieri

Oratory of Santa Caterina da Siena

The Renaissance is a straight line between two points . Julius II has the vision of a time that tells the story of man and of a road, which is to be born before any patriarchal palace. The Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo, Via Giulia. A story in stone, in marble, in paintings. The stuccos of Palazzo Spada envelop us as they become giants in Borromini's Perspective Gallery, covering the truth of the cosmos in the painted sundial. The wing of the angel that opens, always for Virgilio Spada and brings us to a floor of flowers cut in marble, while a distant light announces the richest chapel in Rome. A hidden oratory, a shrine in which the faces of men and women become one. The past with the present above-ground, while, underground, skulls become chandeliers

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