Musumeci Greco Academy

Santa Maria sopra Minerva 

Casanatense Library

Sant'Ignazio in Campo Marzio

Kircherian Museum

Palazzo Doria Pamphilj

The truth is unique. A single moment, in which the only meaning of the world can be grasped. We move from the marble circle at the center of the perspective of Andrea Pozzo to Sant'Ignazio, and everything collapses. The door of Santa Maria sopra Minerva closes, and no wind will shake Bernini's stone drapes anymore. But to the right of Michelangelo’s Christ, the door opens to the scale of the emperors and the temple of wisdom, filled with the rarest books in the world. A journey in the instant of a saber blow, crystalized in the weapons of the Academy but timeless, like the gaze of Innocent X of Velasquez and the waters of the Bath of Diana that awaits the next guest of the Doria Pamphilj Princes.

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