This is not an actual neighborhood, but a group of 26 buildings and 17 houses. It is a world inside a world known as Coppedè, a pastiche of stylistic influences that forms the characteristic “neighbourhood” between via Nomentana and via Salaria. A corner of Rome that seems to have a surreal and magical atmosphere. This is due to the variety of architectural styles found in this bizarre and surprising neighborhood. It became famous after the Beatles dove into the Fontana delle Rane in Piazza Mincio after playing a concert at the nearby club Piper. Some feel it is terrifying, including Dario Argento who used it as a location for some of his most iconic horror movies. The neighborhood is shrouded in mystery and has an unsettling aura, perhaps also due to the tragic story of its creator, Gino Coppedè, who died a suicide. Notwithstanding, it is still full of overwhelming emotions and should not go unnoticed.

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