"The time is out of joint", the line from Shakespeare's Hamlet, is set into the stairs that lead into the museum and helps prepare visitors to enter the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome. It houses an impressive collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations from the 19th century to present days. Solely dedicated to modern and contemporary art, the Gallery is not just an exhibition space, but also a place of research and experimentation. Our expert guide will lead you to some of museum’s most exceptional works, from Canova’s ideal beauty to Fattori and the Macchiaioli, from Van Gogh and Monet to Duchamp’s Readymade. Your visit will not respect the limits imposed by time, but rather will result in a dialogue between artworks, positioning you at the center of a reflection on art. 

Additional information

  • Up to 4 people
  • The tour will last 2.5 hours
  • The price quoted above includes admission fees for tours operated in ticketed venues

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