132 hectares of greenery in the heart of the capital. A place of myth and legend, the park retraces the history of the Eternal City and has kept its magical atmosphere intact. Between the two main roads of ancient times, the Via Latina and the Via Appia, the park is a testament to the meeting of many cultures and the thousands of peoples who have known Rome. This walk will trace a path through leaves and ancient ruins, and promises intense emotions, especially if you have the fortune of meeting grazing animals or walk by an open farm to taste the ricotta, wines and cheese produced by the local farmers. You will walk in the company of gurgling water and can pass the time bird watching with majestic herons between the nymphaeum and Roman cisterns. Writer Romana Petri will be your mentor and will lead you to discover the scenes of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s “La Ricotta”, one of the most beautiful and audacious films by the intellectual. The film sent waves through the 20th century, some of which can still be felt today.

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  • Up to 4 people
  • The tour will last 2 hours
  • The price quoted above includes admission fees for tours operated in ticketed venues

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