A short walk from via del Corso, immersed in the festive and chaotic atmosphere of the Roman center, an epigraph marks the entrance of an elegant and simple church: it is Santa Maria in Via, home to a miraculous freshwater spring. The legend tells of a miracle that occurred here in 1256. There is a chapel with an altar inside the building in the far right corner. On this stands an image of the Madonna del Pozzo. This is a symbol of the wooden tablet that the owners of the stable that is now the church saw floating in the water of their well. This is where the chapel was built and where to date the faithful continue to drink water, which is said to have miraculous properties. The journalist will explain what extremely rare organoleptic characteristics make this water so pure, without betraying the mystical and suggestive atmosphere of this little Lourdes in the heart of Rome.

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  • The tour will last 1 hour
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