The expressive power of splendor and eccentricity. This experience begins with the magnificence of Palazzo Colonna and its Gallery, where you will visit a treasure trove of extraordinary antiques and works of art: Carracci, Guercino, Salvator Rosa, Tintoretto. And perhaps you will also recognize the halls where some scenes of the iconic film Roman Holiday were shot. Step into that iconic historical era while exploring Princess Isabelle’s apartment and, afterwards, or while you wander towards the mythical Trevi Fountain: swimming is prohibited, but remember to turn your back to the Fountain, close your eyes, place your right hand on your left shoulder and toss a coin into the water to make a wish. Be mesmerised by the life’s work of rivals Bernini and Borromini, locked in eternal competition after designing a wealth of churches and stairways, statues and fountains. Explore Palazzo Barberini, whose peculiar stairway was designed by the two Masters and expresses a stunning contrast in artistic genres and creative execution. Lift your gaze to admire the spectacular ceiling decorated by Pietro da Cortona before abandoning yourself to the disorienting beauty of Caravaggio’s Judith Beheading Holofernes. And you still haven’t seen the wondrous grandeur of the church of San Silvestro al Quirinale.

Additional information

  • Up to 4 people
  • The tour will last 4 hours
  • The price quoted above includes admission fees for tours operated in ticketed venues

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