Alessandra Midiri, TGH Senior Campaign Specialist


Zodiac sign Scorpio, favorite wine Gewurztraminer. Lives in Milan.

1990 Millennial. She is an atypical Bocconi graduate who specialised in Business and Management. Her passions are travel, flavors, photography, Instagram and digital marketing. She has distinguished herself in each of these fields. She travels around the world every month - even alone - taking extraordinary photos with her smartphone and GoPro that she posts on Instagram where she has several tens of thousands followers. A true, 360 degree fan of innovation, she uses her knowledge of flavors to discover new worlds, cultures and trends, new ways of being in the world. Amongst campaign specialists she is considered a digital marketing wizard: “There is a screen in front of me, but there are people inside it. I like to observe and study the psychology and behaviors that move us humans to different actions, which sometimes are obvious but others can be surprising.” After a successful career at Google she gave everything up for TGH and for serendipity with the amazing TGH Pink Shot. “I had never worked in a startup and I wanted to measure myself with a more flexible and dynamic environment. But most importantly we are talking of a startup with a core business on travel that did not exist before”.

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