Diamara Parodi Delfino, Media Relations Advisor


Zodiac Sign: Pisces. Favourite wine: Serre Nuove Ornellaia. Lives between Rome and Milan.

Diamara was drawn to TGH by a fundamental affinity: the sense of travel. Thanks to her adventurous mother, traveling has been a part of her emotional education since she was a child. Every winter for the past 15 years she has travelled to Southeast Asia, using Bali as her base and going on adventures to Nepal, Australia, and further across Asia. Despite this, the journey of her lifetime was at fourteen in Rajasthan, with her mother and sister: that’s where she had her first taste of independence. 


And then there’s her track record in professional skiing, a sport that protected her from an infernal age for anyone, adolescence, and which she still practices today. Skiing taught her the concepts of fair play, discipline and sport ethics, centering them in her system of values, which grew to inform her sense of freedom. After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Drama Therapy in London, she spent five years in Paris with her first husband, where her passion for cultural marketing was born, before returning to Italy to become Leonardo Mondadori’s assistant, whom she considers one of her mentors. After his death, she moved to Rome to work for the Chamber of Commerce and was instrumental in launching the “Notte Bianca” project together with Andrea Mondello and former Mayor Walter Veltroni, as well as becoming the point of reference of the Fondazione Cinema per Roma. From there, she founded the International Audiovisual Market (MIA) and met Giancarlo Leone whom, in the brief span of a year, she falls in love with, marries and has the first of two children with. In 2016, she leaves the marketing department of Auditorium Parco della Musica to open a consulting firm called Q10 Media with Leone. The most burning ambition of her life, however, is to realize her motherhood every day, experienced through the power of a perfectly matched love.

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