Francesco Cuppone, TGH Vice President Operations


Zodiac sign Gemini, favorite wine Vermentino di Gallura. Lives between Rome, Catania and Oristano.

Passionate about politics and a former activist during student protest of the 1970s. Today he is a liberal intellectual engaged, through business, in creating opportunities for Italy and driving social innovation. His career before joining TGH is interesting: after graduating in Politics and Economic Policy in Catania he moved to Turin with an Olivetti scholarship to attend the first Masters in Business Administration of the Business School of the University of Turin where he was trained by Romano Prodi, Carlo De Benedetti, Guido Carli, Umberto Agnelli, etc... He began his career in Finance and Control, quickly reaching positions of complete operational responsibility for medium-sized companies located in several parts of the country: Gondrand (Turin), Hutchinson-Gommitalia (Milan), AID (Catania) and Cantieri Rodriquez (Messina). In 1992 he became General Manager at Italgrani in Naples, where he was tasked to modernize the company and help it become one of the first Italian "pocket-sized" multinationals. In 1997 he joined Intecs in Rome, owned by Massimo Micangeli, where he soon became CEO. Here he successfully led the transformation that definitively allowed the company, one of the most important Italian technology companies in the market for safe-critical systems. His existential mission is embodied in the TGH project: “TGH is a project that promotes development, innovation and employment in our country, and it does so by betting on beauty, emotions (TGH Pink Shot) and humanism. As a liberal man I believe in a paradigm where the market economy, civil liberties and free enterprise are accessible to everyone. My personal evolution passes through an epicenter focused on social class to one that places human beings, as bearer of natural rights and aspirations that must be protected and cultivated, at its center.” Never disturb him while he listens to music. He is a repentant rocker, and now devours jazz, classical music and opera, and engages with new experiments in electronic music.

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