Giancarlo Leone, Communication Advisor


Zodiac sign: Pisces. Favourite wine: Pinot Noir. Lives in Rome.

Before becoming the director of Rai 1, creating and distributing films with a macroscopic reality such as 01 Distribution and Rai Cinema, and becoming the longest serving Rai manager, he was a boy with a very particular childhood: the first seven years of his life were lived in Palazzo Montecitorio, the seat of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, and another seven years were spent in Palazzo del Quirinale with his mother and his father Giovanni, President of the Italian Republic. He defines himself as someone who was self-taught in emotional intelligence through avid reading. A journalist since 1977, he is also an established composer: he has been a member of SIAE since 1974 and has written music for his group Golf Lima Lima (Adesso musica), for I Panda (Addormentata, Amanti mai), Riccardo Fogli (Come una volta), Mita Medici (Il dubbio) and many soundtracks. A strong artistic vein, which is still very much alive today, started at the age of seventeen, when he worked as assistant director with figures such as Giorgio De Lullo and Romolo Valli. In 2016, with his wife Diamara Parodi Delfino, he founded the consulting firm Q10 Media. 

He was drawn to TGH by his historical friendship with Massimo Micangeli, and for the desire to be involved in a project that he defines as "visionary". But his lifelong passions are golf, a sport in which he boasts a 13 Handicap, smoking his Cuban Cohiba cigar alone, and above all crafting stories that feature characters Jim and Jille for his two children and continuing the amazing adventure of the project of "rational love" with his wife Diamara.

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