Maria Elena Pala, TGH Accounting


Zodiac sign Gemini, favorite wine Karmis. Lives between Rome and Oristano.

The book that most influenced her is “River God” by Wilbur Smith. An omnivorous reader, even though Dan Brown and Ken Follet are never missing from her bedside table, she has recently entered the heavens that many are granted on becoming grandparents. She came to TGH because of her “travel karma”. “My uncle was a dear friend of Giulio Andreotti. He worked as a chef on ships and as a child he would always tell me every detail of his travels. I dreamed, and as an adult that dream became a necessity”. A hat fanatic, she never leaves the house bareheaded, and has a dizzying collection of winter and summer clothes. She was trained as an accountant and worked for many important companies including Sipsa, a company from the Cameli & Co. group from Genova, which at the time counted Renato Altissimo, several times a minister in the 1980s, amongst its partners. For her accounting is not a job but a mission, which is about the art of balancing giving and taking. “Balance sheets are my passion, and even if many will think this is a boring job, for me it is an ongoing challenge.” This is THE challenge at TGH, where numbers cipher emotions and part of our core business intersects with TGH Pink Shot.

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