Michele Cuppone, TGH Marketing Manager


Zodiac sign Sagittarius, favorite wine Amarone. Lives in Rome.

Born in 1980 and lives his life listening. The sounds of travel, whether exploring the globe or the people he meets, are his lifeblood. He listens to learn but also to build bridges, to train himself in contact, the relationship that allows for perfect exchange. Perhaps this is also why he is an excellent salesman, as his CV demonstrates. From Mondadori Pubblicità, where he was Head of Development in Central and Southern Italy, to advertising account manager at RCS (radio, web, periodic and monthly press), up to Google ADS. He joins our team to manage digital and operational marketing, but also to design “commercial raids” to market emotions and creative ideas (TGH Pink Shot). A diligent soldier in his work life, he leads a personal life of constant exploration, always in the company of Depeche Mode and Pearl Jam who he has seen perform around the world about twenty times. One of his favorite trips was Argentina in 2001. Forty days on his own from Rosario to Perito Moreno. He defines himself as competitive in the sporting sense: he plays to win but always as part of the team. He hates egopaths, abusive people and cliches, and thinks friendship is the highest value in life.

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